Issue - Growth

  • Utah is currently the fastest growing state in the nation and St. George is experiencing extreme growth.
  • This growth is not unprecedented. In the decade from 1990-2000 Washington County saw a 8.6 percent growth rate.
  • We have to plan wisely for growth.
  • We have commissioned a comprehensive study of our general plan.
  • With public input we will determine what our future looks like in regards to high density housing, open space, urban sprawl, mixed use, traffic flow, active transportation, etc.
  • I am not in favor of a building moratorium. It would be devastating as 30 percent of our economy would be directly impacted by a moratorium.
  • Housing costs would be more expensive than they are currently.
  • Utah Code 10-9a-504 only allows for temporary zoning regulations or moratoriums not to exceed 6 months.

Water conservation needs to be at the top of our minds

Issue - Water

  • We are experiencing one of the worst droughts many of us have ever experienced. We need additional water sources like the Lake Powell Pipeline.
  • Until we get additional water sources we need to all learn to conserve our water.
  • Over 50 percent of our culinary water is used outdoors.
  • The city parks dept has identified 10 acres of turf we can remove without any detrimental effects. We need to require drought tolerant plants and trees in new subdivisions with a limit on the amount of turf allowed.
  • We can incentivize businesses, churches and schools to remove turf that is rarely used.
  • We all need to cut back our outdoor watering and water dry spots by hand.
  • Don’t use water to spray off cement. Sweep out your garages, porches and patios.
  • Conservation must be a county wide effort. All new development should be required to use secondary water outdoors.


Issue - Traffic

  • We will be widening 3000 East from 1580 South to Seegmiller Dr.
  • We will be widening 3000 East from 1580 S to Mall Dr.
  • Realigning 1450 South near 3000 East.
  • Extension on Horseman Park Drive.
  • 7 new traffic signals will be installed.
  • More neighborhood commercial would help alleviate traffic.
  • The Northern Corridor will help east/west traffic.
  • Plan ahead so you can do all your errands at once instead of making numerous trips from your homes to stores several times in one day.
  • Be patient.
  • If you are sitting in traffic, remember you are part of the traffic.


Issue - Heritage

  • My ancestors came to this area in November of 1861. They were part of the Dixie Cotton Mission.
  • I am now the 6th generation living in Utah’s Dixie.
  • My grandchildren are the 8th generation.
  • We cannot forget the determination and perseverance of those early pioneers.
  • They endured extreme difficulties.
  • We need to cherish our past while building our future.
  • We are facing our own challenges but with the same tenacity of the early settlers we too can overcome those challenges and leave a beautiful, vibrant community for future generations to enjoy.